Entrapment Get ready for the Morelli family like you ve never seen them before through the eyes of Mateo Morelli For four days I kept her to myself For four days she was mine Then at the first opportunity sh

  • Title: Entrapment
  • Author: Sam Mariano
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Get ready for the Morelli family like you ve never seen them before through the eyes of Mateo Morelli For four days, I kept her to myself For four days, she was mine Then, at the first opportunity, she left me To the world it may seem I ve let her go, but she ll never be beyond my reach No matter where she is, no matter how she feels about me, Mia will always be mine.Get ready for the Morelli family like you ve never seen them before through the eyes of Mateo Morelli For four days, I kept her to myself For four days, she was mine Then, at the first opportunity, she left me To the world it may seem I ve let her go, but she ll never be beyond my reach No matter where she is, no matter how she feels about me, Mia will always be mine And I will always be hers Entrapment is a short Morelli family novel 60k words from the oft requested POV of Mateo It takes place during Accidental Witness, BUT it is intended to be read at the end of the series, after all the puzzle pieces have clicked into place In addition to the Entrapment story, this collection includes deleted scenes from each of the seven books in the Morelli family series WARNING trigger warnings apply This is a dark romance mafia story with dark themes Violence and WTF ery abounds.

    Entrapment Definition of Entrapment by Merriam Webster her entrapment in an unhappy marriage His lawyer argued that he was a victim of police entrapment. Entrapment legal definition of entrapment Entrapment The act of government agents or officials that induces a person to commit a crime he or she is not previously disposed to commit Entrapment is a defense to criminal charges when it is established that the agent or official originated the idea of the crime and induced the accused to engage in it. Entrapment Entrapment Apr , Directed by Jon Amiel With Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta Jones, Ving Rhames, Will Patton An insurance agent is sent by her employer to track down and help capture an art thief. Entrapment definition of entrapment by The Free Dictionary b Law To induce someone into performing an otherwise uncontemplated criminal act for the sole purpose of providing the basis for a prosecution. What is entrapment Nolo Entrapment Elements JM Department of Justice Entrapment is a complete defense to a criminal charge, on the theory that Government agents may not originate a criminal design, implant in an innocent person s mind the disposition to commit a criminal act, and then induce commission of the crime so that the Government may prosecute. Entrapment Rotten Tomatoes Entrapment Critics Consensus A poorly developed plot weighs down any potential chemistry between the movie s leads. Watch Entrapment Prime Video Following the theft of a valuable piece of artwork, Gin Baker, an insurance agent, convinces her employers to allow her to befriend an aging master thief, in order to better protect their clients.

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    Follow Sam Mariano on Facebook or check out her Blog She also recently opened an Instagram, sammarianobooks, if you d like to follow there If you need to email her, she can be reached at sammarianoauthor gmail but she is sometimes tardy about checking email Mateo is very demanding.Sign up for Sam s mailing list to stay up to date on current projects she won t spam you Only for notification of new releases or book sales Because of You, Beautiful Mistakes, Irreparable Damage, and The Morelli Family Series are now available on And don t forget to follow Sam s Author page to get the newest releases Sam Mariano has been writing stories for as long as she can remember She lives in Ohio and has a sweet and wonderful daughter.Because of You was her first finished story she started writing it when she was 18 and due to a full time work and college schedule, it took her years to finish She has also been telling people for years that there would never be a sequel sorry, guys which turned out to be a lie Sam Mariano is currently working on the sequels to Irreparable Damage and Because of You.Feel free to find her on Facebook or her blog she loves hearing from readers


  • Some of those bed time story scenes were just on fire!! I loved that we got to see exactly was going through Mateo's psychotic sexy brain while he was doing the things he did. It's clear to see what he felt for Mia from the start. I hate the scenes with Meg, because I just don't like her and if she were a real person I would find her and kick her ass. Other than that, I really enjoyed this book!!

  • This book is everything that I wanted and more! Mateo's POV is sexy, infuriating, angsty, sad, and so perfect. This man feels so real. I don't understand how I can love and hate him all within one scene, but I can. Sam excells at writing these amazing characters. I wish I could get all the books from Mateo's POV! I'd probably have to be put on medication for my blood pressure though!

  • We really shouldn't be surprised. Has anything about this series been less than explosive? Once again Sam captured us with her web and painstakingly devoured our souls. These final words, through Mateo's eyes and deleted scenes just capped off the perfection that this series is. I can't thank you enough Sam for giving us all insight into your twisted and devious mind. I'm going to go sob in the corner now and think about the day when the stories have left my mind enough that I can jump back in a [...]

  • This was the perfect endingThis was perfection. First finding out when and what sank Mateo’s battleship with Mia. It was priceless. Then all the the deleted scenes .oh man the adult bedtime stories, hot, hot, hot! The missing date of Meg and Rafe, Carly gets a job, Gambling scrabble games, and momma Mia wants a girl. Sighis was a wonderful way to say goodbye.

  • I loved this so much. I loved seeing inside Mateo's unique mind. I loved everything about this book. I was so sad for him, even if he brought his problems on himself. I've never felt like characters in a book were this real before, lol. I love Mateo so much. I'm so happy he found Mia. She brought love into his life. I just love these two so much! A must-read, like this whole series!

  • A delicious treat for Mateo fans!This collection of deleted scenes from The Morelli Family series provided an interesting insight into the headspace of several family members.I’d love to read the series again, including each of the deleted scenes as they occurred.

  • Nooooooo!!!The end? THE END? I am seriously going to cry. This has been such a beautiful, immersive series with exquisite writing. Nearly zero grammar or spelling errors, deep development of characters, multiple POVs. These books break the mold of the modern romance genreI didn't even try to guess what was going to happen next, because my mind was so present during the entire story. I definitely recommend this series to everyone, even if you are sick and tired of mafia romances. This series is f [...]

  • If you have read The Morelli Family Series, then you will be very familiar with a certain Mateo Morelli. I love how Sam has written him as a character, and when I heard that she would be releasing Entrapment – various scenarios and deleted scenes told from Mateo’s POV I was so excited! While the whole book doesn’t solely focus on Mateo, I loved being able to see a few scenes from his POV and it really brought his way of thinking to life! I craved for this follow up of the rollercoaster rom [...]

  • i need more Mateo HEA with Mia and the kid please no more about Meg and Vince hate those both "I’ve just spent the last four years fitting myself into someone else’s idea of what I should be,and now I’ll be damned if I’m changing my plans because the man I brought with me feels like it." _Megare you kidding now?? meg is the most selfish person in whole series i loath heri really like this series, i hope author didn't make meg HEA better yet make her DIE!!

  • I want moreAsshole, Manipulator, Selfish, and Arrogant. Matteo Morelli is all these things and more. You will still love him, lust after him, hate him and come back wanting more. Sam Mariano’s writing will take you through all kinds of twist and turns. Matteo is the alpha. He does what he wants, he takes whatever he wants no matter who it or they belong to and you can always stop breathing if you have a problem with him. He will never allow you to know his next move. This book is a glimpse int [...]

  • I really enjoyed reading some extra POV throughout this book. My favorites were of Mateo during Accidental Witness. I absolutely loved that he fell in love with Mia pretty much immediately and although we knew Mateo loved Mia throughout the entire series. It was good to go back to the beginning and see it from his perspective. The only thing I wish was here and I said it in my review for book 6, was Mateo's POV during Mia's time in Vegas. I wanted to know his feelings when he found out she was g [...]

  • The End? Nooooo! Talk about roller coaster ride. Sam Mariano definitely did an amazing job on every aspect in this series. I kind of felt sorry for Vince. I almost hated Mia. I loved Adrian and Elise's story, along with Francesca and Sal's. But the part that really got to me was the deleted scene at the very end frkn Mateo. Damn you gotta love that man whore. LOL I kinda wished it was all coming from Mateo's POV, but then the end wouldn't have ended the way it would. 5 BOLD STARS for you Sam!

  • Not what I was expectingI like all of the deleted scenes. I was entranced with Mateo and his emotional attachments. We experienced his long journey of finding love. I was disappointed of how much time was lost. I was most disappointed in this because we missed his views on Francesca 's wedding and his every day interactions after Mia. I wanted more of his drama and I feel like I got short changed. I am hoping in future novels we get an equal view of the characters and their regular days.

  • Incredibly ExcellentSam Mariano never fails to give her readers all they want from her stories and yet she does it in s way that keeps us at the edge of our seats and biting our lower lips to thee point of extracting blood. Mateo's POV was simply amazing. If there were times during the series you hated him and wanted him now you'll love him forever. Knowing the series has ended fills me with great sorrow. I just can't live without these characters. I absolutely loved Entrapment

  • Mateo loves MiaMateo Morello such a hard character to understand at times. This book gives you his thoughts and feelings from scenes in books 1-7. It gives a closure for an unusual romance. Did you ever have a book character that captured your heart and imagination? Well Mia is my girl. I wanted Mateo to love her like no other would. And guess what? This book assures me he does 💖 I LOVE that the villain got the girl with an amazing ending.

  • I loved getting Matteo's point of view, along with some deleted scenes. My only problem is that I want more. I don't want this to end. Can't we please have just one more book focusing on mainly Matteo and Mia? Please?? It was a bit of a surprise to find how fast Matteo actually fell for Mia, you certainly couldn't tell from the original book. I just don't want this to be over.

  • I enjoyed the view of what happened between Mateo and Mia from his point and all the little snippets of their life together that followed. It was a good followup on some of the hanging questions from the previous books.I still want a Rafe book.

  • Yes yes yes!!!I needed this book!! I had so many questions after the series ended and this answered them all! Hoping for some spinoffs I would like to see what happens with Vince and Carly also Rafe.

  • Inside Mateos head!This was perfect, I don’t think I was ready for full access to Mateos inner thoughts but man did I enjoy them! Plus all the deleted scenes and extras in one package, I feel so spoiled, I will never get tired of reading about this family

  • I hope we get more books of the kidsThis series it too good and too in depth to not continue. Mateo has too !any kids for us not to see the future sibling rivalry between Roman and Dom!! I'm dying to know the dynamics of the family in their adult years. I love Mateo and Mia!!!

  • Amazing Love this crazy family Sam what a away to finishes this series Mateo and mia will always be my favourite couple but you don't just make us fall in love with them we fall in love with all off them thanks again Sam.

  • WowThese peaks into Mateo's mind and deleted scenes were absolutely perfect for wrapping up this story. None of the moments felt like it was just a new version of the same story. It was a piece of the story that you didn't know you were missing until you read it

  • Love love loved it was interesting to see how Mateo's mind worksill not ready to let go of the series look forward to any more future books from Matoes POV.

  • WowAnother hit out of the park by Sam with this book. It was awesome to finally have so much in Mateo's point of view. I will be anxiously waiting for the next book by Sam.

  • Awesome My favorite wld be Mateo and and Rafe can't wait for Races book to come out. Hopefully dnt have to wait too long

  • Loving the MorellisPlease keep the books coming. Read this series from the beginning and all the spin-offs. Mateo is perfectly bad. I just can't get enough.

  • Wonderful!!I absolutely loved these deleted scenes especially since they were mostly from Mateo. Gosh I love that man. Great additional to one of my favorite series.

  • 5 stars to my favourite Villain!!"Go ahead and hug me, I promise I won’t ruin your life? Go ahead and kiss me if you want to, I promise I’ll make amends to anyone you can’t handle wronging? Go ahead and do whatever you want, because my heart only beats when you’re around?"Mateo Morelli is the bomb!! He is Sam Mariano's best creation! He is the gold standard in book boyfriends!! I am going to forever love this character and it's going to be almost impossible for any other hero to topple h [...]

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