Lost in Between

Lost in Between We all have one A price That magic number that will get us to agree to do anything be anything Don t sit on your gold plated high horse and say you don t because you do Everyone does Each of us has s

  • Title: Lost in Between
  • Author: K.L. Kreig
  • ISBN: 9781943443222
  • Page: 356
  • Format: ebook
  • We all have one A price That magic number that will get us to agree to do anything, be anything Don t sit on your gold plated high horse and say you don t because you do Everyone does Each of us has something we covet enough that we d sell ourselves to have it.What s my tipping point, you ask Apparently a cool quarter mil will do the trick.What does one do for 250 laWe all have one A price That magic number that will get us to agree to do anything, be anything Don t sit on your gold plated high horse and say you don t because you do Everyone does Each of us has something we covet enough that we d sell ourselves to have it.What s my tipping point, you ask Apparently a cool quarter mil will do the trick.What does one do for 250 large, you wonder Anything the infamous, gorgeous playboy of Seattle wants For the next four months I ll be Shaw Mercer s arm candy, his beck and call girl, his faux girlfriend I ll be his to command, mold, push and pull in any direction he sees fit I ll fight falling into bed with him I ll fight falling in love with him even harder I ll fail at both And when my past and present collide in the most unexpected of ways, I ll learn that while one man s love for me has never died, the only man s love I really want will never be mine If dirty talking, dominant alphas are not your thing, move along Mature, 18 only Book 1 in a 2 part duet.

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      356 K.L. Kreig
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  • It's LIVE!! bit/2mg6SsCOMFG!! May is seriously too far away right now and I need Book Two right now!! I highlighted about 90% of this book and it was virtually impossible for me to decide on which quotes to use because the entire book was freaking quotable!!I fell in love with K.L. Kreig's writing when I read Black Swan Affair. The writing was smooth, beautiful, eloquent, poignant and evocative and part of me felt that that 5-star read was some sort of fluke. Well, that theory was quickly quashe [...]

  • 4 Stars!!Since I've read and enjoyed my first book by this author, 'Black Swan Affair', I was eagerly looking forward to start this series. 'Lost in Between' is thrilling, tastefully erotically done and fantastically written. This first installment in the series is sexy, scorching hot at times, sweet, emotional and even funny. Needless to say, I enjoyed it very much. If you love intriguing stories with sexy as sin alpha males, you don’t want to miss this one.“We look pretty, we adorn our cli [...]

  • Some books offer you a break. Some offer an escape.Others give you friendships.Bring you a family you never knew you wanted.But then there are the ones that ruin your life!Okay maybe those are harsh wordsI said maybe. Maybe I thought (foolishly I admit), that this would be the sweetest most uncomplicated book in the world. Nobody would think that, this is KL Kreig, drama and twist are her middle name. I'm positive.Ok you aren't reading this to find out that I contemplate stalking KL further to o [...]

  • 3.5 starsWhen I read the blurb for Lost In Between, I was sold! Let’s be honest, just the mention of a dirty talking, dominant alpha was enough for me! Then, I saw that the author was K. L. Kreig, and you have to have been living under a rock not to have been subjected to the hype surrounding her previous book, Black Swan, so at that point there was no question that I was going to read this book! Needless to say, I went into this one with excitement and high expectations, and while it didn’t [...]

  • Lost in Between the 1st book in Finding Me Duet, is the second book by K L Kreig that I've read. The first one, Black Swan Affair was not one of my favourites, so I was hoping that this one would surprise me.Surprised me it did such a good good way!!We all have one.A price.That magic number that will get us to agree to do anything, be anything.Don’t sit on your gold-plated high horse and say you don’t because you do. Everyone does. Each of us has something we covet enough that we’d sell ou [...]

  • Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer

    *****2.75 STARS*****I'm at a loss for words.

  • ⭐⭐⭐ 3.5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐After finding out that everyone and their Mama has read “Black Swan Affair”,I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to read this book because let’s be real: an escort that has secrets of her own that’s being offered a quarter of a million dollars to be a fake girlfriend to one of the hottest bachelor’s? I practically needed a baby bib with the amount of drool I was sporting but after reading this, I was left feeling unsatisfied with a huge case of it’ [...]

  • Shaw Mercer needs a girlfriend. A fake one. One to be at his beck and call for the next 4 months. Willow Blackwell needs money. A lot of money. Her mother is sick and the bills are starting to pile up. When Shaw offers Willow a cool quarter million for four months of her time, the offer is too good for Willow to pass up. But this is just business and business is what it will stay. That is until lines start to blur and feelings Willow swore she wouldn't develop start to creep in.Now the waters ar [...]

  • “Lost in Between” is the first part of the duet “Finding Me”. It ends in a cliffhanger and you need to read “Found Underneath” for the conclusion.The duet is about Shaw and Willow, whose relationship begins on a contract and then, goes far beyond their plans and imagination.Shaw is a man who doesn’t do relationships. It is not because of a cliché traumatic past, he just thinks he doesn't need one. He has casual sex with numerous women and he shares some of them with his best frien [...]

  • This is the second book I’ve read by this author. Black Swan being the first which I absolutely loved and couldn’t wait to get my grabby little hands on this to see what kind of journey she was going to take us on.LOST IN BETWEEN: This is spoken in 'Dual Perspectives' A day that goes from bad to worse, from a flatmate meltdown, to a mother that’s suffering from Alzheimer’s, things needing to be fixed in the family home to being rear ended by a hot arrogant bastard whilst stopped at red l [...]

  • 3 StarsOverall Opinion:Hmmm. I'm a bit disappointed to be honest. I think after Black Swan Affair this author had a tough act to follow. I felt like it was mostly inner dialogue (which I usually hate) and not much really happened. To be frank, I think we could've done with a lot of it edited out and the duet been made a solo. It felt repetitive at times, and like it was just being stretched out. While they had great sexual chemistry and scenes, I never connected to either of the mc's characters [...]

  • 2.5 stars Last year’s Black Swan Affair by this author made my Best of the Year list, and I loved it so much. Because of this I want to read everything else by this author (and I still do). Lost in Between is a book I know others will love, but it missed the mark a bit for me. Willow works as an audio book narrator by day, and an escort at night. After getting into a fender bender accident with an extremely handsome (if not arrogant) man named Shaw, Willow finds herself pondering about this go [...]

  • Review and rating to comeARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on:

  • We all have one. A price.Having read Black Swan Affair that really messed up with my sanity because of the issues delivered, I was so eager to read Lost In Between. Well, you cannot blame me. BSA is my first book of the author and it left lasting impression, so needless to say, I was having high expectations in this book. The blurb alone and that cover caught my interest stat and I'll be honest it took me until almost the end to realize that it was a duet. That's saying something right? I read t [...]

  • 4.5 "The Past" StarsOh my goodness. Do I ever have grabby hands for book 2! Lost in Between is a story of two people doing something, not for their own gain but to help someone else. But when their choices bring them together, fate seems to want to help too. Willow and Shaw have reasons for the things they do-for the choices they make-and no one is going to make them feel bad for doing them. Yet when their chosen path leads to each other, they finally decide to set aside their best laid plans an [...]

  • ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewK.L. Kreig is an author that has been on my radar for quite some time now after I absolutely devoured Black Swan Affair. So when I found out that she was going to be releasing a new book, I knew that I had to get my hands on Lost In Between especially after reading the synopsis. We all have one. A price. That magic number that will get us to agree to do anything, be anything. Don’t sit on your gold-plated high horse and say you don’t bec [...]

  • I'm certainly one of the few who didn't really liked Black Swan Affair. I got the story all wrong and I was disappointed BUT the writing captured my attention and I was waiting for the next book patiently. When reading the blurb I knew I was in right away because how can you resist the appeal of a man, a contract a woman who doesn't want to fall in love? Well I don't! It's always a good start to see the main characters change, to let them discover that only one person is needed to change all you [...]

  • Willow has recently graduated from University with a Master of Arts degree. She is working in the publishing industry but it doesn't pay all the bills so she also has another part time job. Willow is a high end 'party favour.' In a nut shell, she is a paid escort however, that only stretches as far as being some wealthy man's arm candy for events and occasions. She does not partake in anything physical with her dates and she never plans on doing so.Willow has financial responsibilities that she [...]

  • 4.5 steamy stars‘…if loving someone – anyone – eventually leads to heartbreak, loss, and mourning, why do we do it? Why do we continue to let people into our lives, our hearts? Steal our very soul out from under us before we realize a vital piece of us is forever missing?’Clear a space on the top shelf of book boyfriends…ere’s a new man claiming a top spot and his name is Shaw Mercer. Bloody Nora, this man had us coming….over….l unnecessary! We had a feeling we’d love Lost in [...]

  • I can't say enough about this book. BLEW ME AWAY. Shaw and Willow are intense and emotional yet this isn't a cry bookBUT it has ALL THE FEELS. Did I mention it was hot? YES YES YES!!!!!!One of my top books of the year!Ilsaxoxo

  • Well hot dayum, is it May 2017 yet? Because I cannot wait for the next installment in this duet. Lost in Between had me hooked from literally the first chapter. Let me say first and foremost that Shaw Mercer is mine, ladies and gents. Holy smokes that man has everything I look for in a book boyfriend. He's tall, dark, muscled, just enough scruff, and rocks a suit the likes of Christian Grey. In fact, this book had a very Fifty feel to it for me. And again, Shaw is mine!Willow Blackwell (aka Summ [...]

  • When Shaw Mercer finds himself in need of a girlfriend to clean up his public image a bit, he finds himself entering into a business deal with Willow for a quarter million. With debt piling up, a few months is worth it if it gives her piece of mind to care for her ailing mother. As their purely business relationship starts to go from tensioned filled moments, these two can’t seem to keep within the lines of their agreement and a slow burn starts to catch fire.I absolutely LOVE the way K.L. Kre [...]

  • ***** 4 Stars *****Willow doesn't have an easy life. Her mother needs special care. And to support her medical requirements, she takes on questionable jobs. She doesn't sell her body, but she does occasionally escort men as arm candy. Shaw is known to be a wealthy bachelor that enjoys a side of kinkiness. When his father tells him that he is running for a public office, Shaw is pressured into finding a girl to date seriously before the election. Reuniting with his ex-girlfriend is an option, but [...]

  • Omgerd is it May yetKL Kreig has done it again. What a ridefull review to followFull Review---->Lost In Between by K.L KreigFor more check us out at facebook/twounrulygirls

  • If you enjoy fake couple romances, you should definitely look into Lost In Between by KL Kreig. Not only is this quite the journey for these characters, but it starts out in an unconventional way as well. Willow isn't what you would originally expect, but I love how down to earth she still is and how strong her morals are. That probably sounds bad if you know what she does and haven't read the book, but I swear I don't mean it that way. "She’s playing her role brilliantly while I’m trying to [...]

  • 100000000000000 unlimited stars for this book.WOWWWI.WANTOK.2.RIGHTW.Dilek vt ,my friend you are damn right . don't read this book nowad it on may 30 when the second book own your shelfe cliffhanger will kill you as much as it is killing me right nowe the last twist,really I didn't see it comingI loved this book so much that I am sure I will memorize it till May 30 by rereading again and againemotionalheart wrenching.heart warminghot so much that your face will red all the time while reading Sha [...]

  • OMG I am in LOVE with this book! #LostInBetween“This is part of the dance, Goldilocks.”“Stop calling me that.” My reprimand comes out breathy instead of irate as I’d wanted.“Every couple has pet names for each other. We’re a couple now.”“On paper only.”Hot breaths wash over the column of my neck when his mouth travels to my ear. “It’s more than just paper, sweetheart. My hands will be on you. Touching you, stroking you, holding you. My lips will graze your ear, your neck, [...]

  • 2.5-3 stars! ARC review!I tried, really tried to like this book, but I just couldn't get into it. The only reason I didn't give up on this book is because it was an ARC. I'm honestly not sure why this book has so many 5 stars. Did I miss something?The story was too long and it dragged. I don't get why it even ends with a cliffy. o.O Lots of parts could have been removed and if it would have been at a faster pace, I might have given this book a higher rating. I practically skimmed through the las [...]

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