Undeniably Asher

Undeniably Asher Memories Scars Possibilities Fate is a fickle bitch that slaps us in the face every opportunity she gets Sometimes it s a taunt but sometimes it s a goddamn wake up call to pay attention When destiny

  • Title: Undeniably Asher
  • Author: K.L. Kreig
  • ISBN: 9781943443031
  • Page: 479
  • Format: ebook
  • Memories Scars Possibilities.Fate is a fickle bitch that slaps us in the face every opportunity she gets Sometimes it s a taunt, but sometimes it s a goddamn wake up call to pay attention When destiny put Asher Calloway straight in Alyse Kingsley s path once again, he knew this was one slap he wasn t ignoring, regardless of his past relationships What is Asher willingMemories Scars Possibilities.Fate is a fickle bitch that slaps us in the face every opportunity she gets Sometimes it s a taunt, but sometimes it s a goddamn wake up call to pay attention When destiny put Asher Calloway straight in Alyse Kingsley s path once again, he knew this was one slap he wasn t ignoring, regardless of his past relationships What is Asher willing to do to keep the woman he loves by his side All Alyse knows is deceit and betrayal, so she keeps everyone at arms length and her secrets locked up tight When fate brings her past into her present, can Alyse trust love enough to lead her into the future Book 2 in a 4 book series Each book features a different brother and each can be read as a STANDALONE Mature readers only, 18 Features alpha men with foul language and penchant for hot sex.

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  • Book two of the Colloway Brothers brings us the story of Asher and Alyse. We meet both of these characters in Forsaking Grey, Alyse is introduced as Livia’s little sister and a heated exchange between her and Asher provided the perfect set up for their story.A love story that was set eight years ago, with eight years of heartache placed before the first kiss and the next – both of them have built walls to ensure their hearts remain protected. But Asher isn’t about to let go of her just yet [...]

  • This is just perfect. It has amazing main and side characters and a plot which is not a cliché but quite unique, unexpected and solid. The author creates layers to the story and makes it suspenseful. The book's content is rich with thoughtfulness and deep perceptions into the real meaning of love. It's a touching second chance love story that will make you cry, laugh, hurt, hope and learn. This is a well told tale where expectations, family and hopes for the future all play significant roles an [...]

  • I liked this one even more than I did the previous one. These books are about the Calloway brothers. Two sets of twins to be precise. Each book is about a different brother and can be read as a stand alone. So far, books 1 and 2 are second chance romances. The men are delicious and the women are strong. Just how I like my MC'sAsher was so delicious, I loved his dirty mouth and he also has some kink going on;) The heroine was also great.e didn't have an easy life, but she was so strong and really [...]

  • I have been missing in action for the past week from GR, and I haven't been able to read much eitherinly due to companyMy company is now gone, and I am very happy to be back!! I have missed all my GR buddies so much!!!As far as this Book #2 in the Colloway Brothers series, I will go out on a limb and say that this is a MUST read!!! This one was even better than the first, and Asher (the hero in this one) is sexy as hell, and let us not forget that he is majorly dominantoh and he has quite the ki [...]

  • Undeniably Asher (Colloway Brothers #2) by KL Kreig4.5 stars!!!“We are two lost souls looking for redemption, a second chance, but scared as hell to let our protective barriers fall for fear that we may not recover this time.”Well, I thought Gray was lush and then along comes Asher…damn these Colloway brothers come from a mighty fine gene pool. Not only are they all smoking hot but they are adorable, fiercely protective and just genuine really nice guys. This story centres around Asher and [...]

  • K.L. Kreig is a goddess of romance. I swear, every single one of her books puts my heart through the ringer--in a brilliant way! Undeniably Asher was no exception. Crafted with the same care that went into the characters from the first installment, Asher and Alyse were hot, possessive, steamy and beautifully in love. They may be my favorite couple so far. AlthoughI can't wait for Luke's story! I think that will tear my heart right up, but I completely trust my heart to Kreig. In her capable hand [...]

  • ***FIVE FANTASTIC STARS!!!***This is the third story I have read by K.L. Kreig, and I've gotta tell you, I'm positively in love with her story telling. Kreig’s Black Swan Affair was amazing, but this Colloway series is even better. I loved, loved, LOVED this story. I loved Gray’s story, but Asher’s was ten times better for me. K.L. Kreig literally elicited every one of those feelings that we go through when we are falling in love, in this story. Every emotion that Asher and Alyse experienc [...]

  • This was ok, but the similarities between this and the rest of the books in the series are wearing a little thin. I love an alpha/caveman hero, but Asher was simultaneously a caveman and a sap who said some really wet things that sounded more like a greeting card than a man. Seems like the whole Colloway clan has a thing for getting freaky in public which isn't my favourite kink, although this writer definitely writes some incredibly hot, intense smut.Still, it was ok, just not as enjoyable as G [...]

  • I absolutely ADORED this book. Now, second chance romances have a special place in my heart, so when I get one that is this good, I melt into a pile of goo. GOO people! One aspect of this book that is so nice, so heartwarming, is the vulnerability of both H and h. I was blown away by Kreig's ability to mesh hot-alpha with this vulnerability. Not once did I think, "Oh, don't be such a sissy" (which is a common occurrence in my experience) when Asher would allow that side of him to show. Instead, [...]

  • ON SALE! 99¢ SALE! amzn/1XQoRSP4.5 ★I would slay dragons. I would walk through hell. I would wage through wars. I would lie and cheat and steal and kill for you. I’d break every fucking law and commandment for no one else but you.Cherry-popping is always fun for me. Discovering new author and new people to stalk. It’s always a mix of hesitation and excitement for me. But I love to be surprised, so…I actually had a hard time connecting with the characters at first and it took me long eno [...]

  • I’m feeling a little bit of awe and a whole lot of love right now. Asher is PERFECTION. Let the alpha male wash over you, ladies. His growly demands will leave you weak in the knees and even his sad attempts to rein in his jealousy left me swooning. However what will have you pushing your thighs together to try to alleviate your sudden need is Asher’s instant vulnerability and heartstopping devotion.Oh hi, I’m in love with Asher Calloway.Alsye is also in the book. In fact, she’s a huge p [...]

  • 5 amazing stars.I am in love! Asher is my new Book Husband (boyfriend isn't good enough.)I think I am going to fall for all the brothers if this story is anything to go by.Although this is book 2, and it states that it can be read as a stand alone, I was desperate to know the secrets of book 1, Forsaking Gray. This story seemed to have holes that were only slightly filled by the eventual confession but. BUT I still devoured every single word.Boy is this book hot.We find Alyse at age 18 is madly [...]

  • I liked this one better than the first book bc of the H's intensity. He was desperately consumed by the h. He was SUPER INSANE possessive, obsessive, and jealous. He would get angry and jealous whenever he saw another man talking to the h. The best part was he didn't blame the h but the guy. I was disappointed at the parallels of this story with the first book. There were just too many similarities in the stories. I thought some of the twists were too OTT and ridiculous. Plus, every man featured [...]

  • KL Kreig continues to amaze! Undeniably Asher is the perfect mix of heat and heart!KL, I am on to you! This is not my first rodeo. I have read everyone of this ladie's books and she gets me every damn time. Every time, I scream in frustration! Every time, my heart is shredded! Every time, I swear never again and every damn time, KL manages to make it all better and leaves me begging for more! GAH!Asher, oh Asher! His sexy, bossy, alpha ways got my libido revving but it was his tender vulnerable [...]

  • LOVED this book!Beautifully written with heart and soul. Just absolutely phenomenal.Asher is one of my favorite heroes this year so far. Love him so much.5 huge stars!

  • K.L. Kreig is one of my favorites discoveries of all times. I met her through some pretty awesome vampires she created not so long ago. Then she switched genres to something more natural (contemporary romance) and I'm loving each word.Undeniably Asher is book #2 on the Colloway Brothers series. It can be considered as a stand-alone but if you you haven't read Forsaking Grey you might feel like there's a little hole in the plot. Let me correct myself: you won't feel the hole in the plot but some [...]

  • Undeniably AsherK.L. Kreig5 starsA new author and a new set of brothers oh yes please and thank you. I will take that all day long. This is the second book in the Colloway Brothers series but each book can be read as a standalone. Asher’s story was sent to me as an ARC gift and I can promise you although each can be read alone Im heading back to grab up the first book after Im done here. Oh yes, Asher, Gray, Conner and Luke BOOM ladies! Asher Colloway sees Alyse Kingsley for the first time in [...]

  • Asher and Alsye know each other by way of his older brother and her older sister who were dating and are now engaged to be married. It's been eight years since they have seen each other. Now that they have the spark has been lit and they can't stop thinking about each other.In those eight years since last seeing each other they have both experienced devastating loss, betrayal and each heart was been broken into a million pieces by others they had loved. They have the scars and trust issues to p [...]

  • This was one remarkable story. Alyse and Asher have met before when they were both young and their timing was not right to find romance. Alyse has always been attracted to Asher but she has been hurt so much in her past that she is scared to take a chance with her heart. Asher is a shameless ladies man but he has always known that Alyse is the woman for him. After reconnecting again their attraction is still strong but there are obstacles in their path. This was such a great romance that began y [...]

  • WTH h/H met 8 yrs ago and H 'always knew h was meant to be his'?!ah that explains why H almost proposed to some other woman and is such a manho (with a dominant reputation too!) in bk1H never even made any effort to find or see if h was dead or still living on the planet and would never have met h again if not for her sis(h of bk1) no way I'm believing H was pining for her all these years

  • 5 Stars is not even enough to begin to describe what lies between the pages of this book. my full review coming soon but if you haven't started this series yet, wtf are you waiting for? Honestly!#OneClickThatBitch#Immediately #JustSayin

  • 4.5 stars>Asher's bossy (swooned over it) but I feel like he's also such a vanilla to Alyse and I loved it! x

  • Overall Rating: 5 Rockin’ ★★★★★Life has a way of knocking us down and leaving scars on the soul, scars that no one can see but are still there and life altering! Scars that not only color all decisions made, but also the acceptance of others. Undeniably Asher, book two in the Colloway Brothers is a book that delves into the destructive forces of betrayal, lies and the effect they have on a young impressionable woman when she is reconnected with her future. This is Alyse Kingsley and [...]

  • *** I RECEIEVED THIS BOOK BY THE AUTHOR IN EXCHANGED FOR AN HONEST REVIEW. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO K.L. KREIG FOR THE OPPERTUNITY TO READ AND REVIEW UNDENABLE ASHER! ***Ok Ok like holy crapola! Now I was kind of iffy with this book because I couldn't stand Asher in Forsaken Grey. I thought Asher was a total douch! But I really wanted to read his and Alyse book, because I absolutely loved Alyse she was a spitfire in Forsaken Grey and she didn't take any crap by Asher. And it seemed to me she could t [...]

  • K l kreig has done it again, made me read her book in one sitting, how could I put down Asher and finish it tomorrow, just wasn't happening! K l writes in depth characthers that are full of surprises, the stories always captivate.Alyse is drawn into the colloway family through her sister who just happens to be with the very sexy Gray, it's not her first run in with them as you will know if you've read book 1. Alyse has not had an easy upbringing or early adult life, she suffered trauma and still [...]

  • “His lips graze my ear as he speaks, creating a chill that runs down the length of my spine. ‘When I’m with you, inside of you, I know you were created just for me. You’re a part of me I didn’t know was missing until I had you again. I think even back then I recognized you were mine, but I was too young and foolish to understand. I should have never let you go, Alyse. I should have pursued you.”5 Undeniable stars!!Asher and Alyse meet when she’s just a teenager and he’s twenty-on [...]

  • Guest Review by Tammy ColeBook 2 is about Asher Colloway and all I can say about Asher is that he was one hot, kinky, alpha male. Seriously I think I fell in love with him right from the beginning and I could not put my kindle down. These Colloway brothers are probably the sexiest brothers I have ever read about.Asher and Alyse have reunited after their first kiss 8 years ago and the attraction and chemistry between these two have not faded at all. Both of them have built up walls around them af [...]

  • First I want to start off by saying the first book in this series, Forsaking Gray was FANTASTIC and if you haven't read it, my opinion is to read it first because it has connecting stories and it is really just that great. Now for this book, I'm not going to lie and say going into it I thought there was no way I could love it as much as I did the first, but I was very, very wrong. I am still very much in love with Gray, but Asher has taken up a good amount of space in my heart as well. I absolut [...]

  • Alyse has had a rough life. Their mother left, her sister disappeared for a time and she had her heart broken. Despite all that she has opened her own accounting firm. Asher Colloway has had a crush on Alyse for years. She was to young then. Now he needs a forensic accountant and hires Alyse's firm. Asher just needs to convince her that they are supposed to be together. One of those books that keep you on the edge of your seat. Alyse was so afraid to take a chance with her heart again. It is ste [...]

  • 4 starsFirst let me start by saying that I love this series so far. This author has great talent and knows how to keep the reader engrossed in a story. This story was a sexy romance with a little drama and angst. One thing about these Calloway brothers is that once they set their sights on a woman they want, they're all in and Asher's no exception. Both him and Alyse have strong chemistry that make for some scorching hot sexy times. If I have any complaints, it would be that I wished Alyse would [...]

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