Yo! Yes?

Yo Yes An effective unusual word story of the beginnings of a friendship accompanied by wild and wonderful illustrations Against pastel backgrounds in vibrant colorful images an African American boy

  • Title: Yo! Yes?
  • Author: Chris Raschka
  • ISBN: 9780439921855
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Paperback
  • An effective, unusual 34 word story of the beginnings of a friendship, accompanied by wild and wonderful illustrations Against pastel backgrounds, in vibrant, colorful images, an African American boy and a white boy meet on the street Their one and two word exchanges on each spread lead to a tentative offer of friendship, sealed as both boys jump high in the air and yAn effective, unusual 34 word story of the beginnings of a friendship, accompanied by wild and wonderful illustrations Against pastel backgrounds, in vibrant, colorful images, an African American boy and a white boy meet on the street Their one and two word exchanges on each spread lead to a tentative offer of friendship, sealed as both boys jump high in the air and yell Yow With a beautifully balanced, economical style, the book illumines the peaks and pitfalls of getting acquainted, and puts in a good word for brotherhood as well School Library Journal, starred review

    Yo Yes Bookshelf Chris Raschka Yo Yes Bookshelf Chris Raschka on FREE shipping on qualifying offers An effective, unusual word story of the beginnings of a friendship, accompanied by wild and wonderful illustrations Against pastel backgrounds Yo Yes by Chris Raschka Mar , Yes , by Chris Raschka is a very simple book about a conversation between two boys that only has a few words on each page The book has a Children s Book Review Yo Yes by Chris Raschka, Author Raschka s innovative picture book aims to explore the nature of friendship in only words It s a risk, but as a writer and artist Raschka is no stranger to risk taking his debut Charlie Parker P Yo Yes by Chris Raschka Chris Raschka s Caldecott Honor classic is a simple yet dramatic story about friendship between a black boy and a white boy. Yo Yes by Chris Raschka, Paperback Barnes Noble Yo, Yes is a book that helps portray this message Children do not see color, culture, or gender as a defining thing until they are taught to do so The message that is most important in this book is that making friends can be easy, and while someone is making friends, multicultural backgrounds or A lesson on Comprehension using the story Yo Yes Explain that Yo Yes is an excellent example of a story that actually needs the pictures in order for its readers to fully comprehend Explain that stories like this demonstrate how effective the use of visual clues can be in reading comprehension. Yo Yes Book Review Common Sense Media Jun , This is the kind of story that gives even an adult reader a good chuckle Subsequent readings are even fun when the punctuation and the plot and the expressive illustrations guide the tone of the reader s voice. Yo Yes by Chris Raschka Paperback Book The Parent Store Yes , in Chris Raschka s signature style, shouts to be read aloud Raschka captures the street poetry between two boys one black, one white, one shy, one outgoing, one nerdy, one street smart who meet, check each other out, and end up beign friends.

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    I always try to treat the book itself as the artwork, Chris Raschka says I don t want you to stop while you re reading one of my books and say, Oh What a gorgeous illustration I want you to stop at the end of the book and say, This is a good book Chris Raschka is one of those people who knew from an early age what he wanted to be when he grew up It was never a question in my mind, he says As long as I can remember, I always knew what I would do I would become a biologist Somewhere along the line, however, after having to kill a mouse with his bare hands, Chris Raschka began to change his mind I understood it intellectually, he says, but I just wasn t cut out to do that Fortunately, Chris Raschka s squeamishness turned into a boon for the realm of children s books He decided to shift his focus to painting and drawing, and has since produced a range of outstanding books that has PUBLISHERS WEEKLY calling him one of the most original illustrators at work today Chris Raschka illustrated A POKE IN THE I A COLLECTION OF CONCRETE POEMS, a critically acclaimed anthology that was both a NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW Best Illustrated Children s Book and a PUBLISHERS WEEKLY Best Book of the Year I approached it with a version of the Hippocratic oath, Chris Raschka says of the playful volume That was my goal do no harm to these poems, which are all beautiful I wanted my illustrations to be little welcoming introductions a way in And most recently, Chris Raschka has once again teamed up with his A POKE IN THE I partner Paul B Janeczko to bring an equally lauded creation to poets everywhere A KICK IN THE HEAD AN EVERYDAY GUIDE TO POETIC FORMS teaches readers the excitement and challenge that can be found in playing by the rules of poetry Receiving starred reviews from PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, KIRKUS REVIEWS, SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL, and BOOKLIST, the title seamlessly unites text and art Chris Raschka s whimsical torn paper artwork lends thoughtful details to essence of the book that poetry is fun.Previously, Chris Raschka turned his talents to Dylan Thomas s timeless prose poem A CHILD S CHRISTMAS IN WALES, creating fluid illustrations that honor the poet s words, evoking their musical cadences and bringing a fresh appreciation for this most lyric work Named a NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW Best Illustrated Children s Book, this beautiful edition should bring Dylan Thomas s work to a new generation of children, says President Jimmy Carter The illustrator was also a force behind I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE, a picture book cowritten by legendary children s book author Bill Martin Jr and fellow literacy expert Michael Sampson My parents have always respectfully refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, Chris Raschka says That s why I was drawn to this project in America, we each have the freedom to choose, including the freedom to choose whether or not to say the pledge His aim was that his quirky images, with their simple, stylized line drawings, would bring a sense of inclusion That is my hope, for everyone to make the Pledge come alive A different sort of collaboration went into the tongue in cheek TABLE MANNERS, a hilarious picture book that Chris Raschka wrote and illustrated together with artist Vladimir Radunsky, a long time friend Chris Raschka grew up in suburban Chicago, but then fled to New York, where he now lives with his wife, son, and a variety of pets When not working on books, the artist likes to walk around the city, knit sweaters without a pattern, go to the opera, practice yoga, and surf, a pastime that once cost him a tooth.


  • The illustrations of Chris Raschka's Yo! Yes? do not really appeal all that much to me on a personal level (while bright and lively, the facial expressions in particular feel a bit overly vague and flatly washed-out), but they work exceedingly well with the sparse but effective text (mirroring its simplicity, but also somewhat expanding on the bare-bones printed words by also showing the changing emotions of the two lonely boys, from shyness, from surprise, to delight and joyful anticipation). T [...]

  • Simple one or two-word sentences and lots of punctuation tell a tale of loneliness and friendship. Very basic, short and good for beginning readers. Our girls liked this story and could read it by themselves.This book was selected as one of the books for the November 2016- Caldecott Honor discussion at the Picture-Book Club in the Children's Books Group here at .

  • Yo! Yes? Is not a bad book on its own, but for me, personally, I just really didn't get it. I understand that it is supposed to be a story about two kids from different backgrounds becoming friends, but the book made it really just feel like two people saying the word "hello" over and over again in a variety of different ways. The art helps tell the story a little bit, but I feel like its not done well enough to support the whole story. The story is supposed to show kids that being friends with [...]

  • Este libro es tan noventero. No se si de verdad fue escrito en los 90'S, pero tiene esa esencia. Una historia, manejada de una forma muy original. Sobre lo facil que puede ser hacer amigos. Cada pagina contiene oraciones cortas, a veces de una sola palabra. Con letras de gran tamaño. Que ayudan muchísimo cuando los niños apenas están aprendiendo a leer. Muy recomendable, libro multi-premiado, y lastimosamente lo encontré en las rebajas en una feria del libro.

  • This is a very simple book for an early reader, with no page having more than two words (all dialog) on it. The story is really told in the illustrations. You can see so much from how the boys stand, how small or big their words are. Very sweet story and at a level a five year old can easily read.

  • While I can see the value of this book for beginning readers and English language learners, it did not particularly appeal to me. The text is simple, two boys saying hello and beginning a friendship using just a few words. The illustrations are bright and help convey the meaning. However, I did not find either the text or illustrations appealing.

  • If you like things to be overly concise, this is the book for you. With typically one (at most two) word(s) on a page, the author Chris Raschka tells about one boy who initially has no friends and then gets befriended by a second boy. Umm the end.

  • Yo!Yes? By Chris Raschaka is a Caldecott Honor Book and is a recommendation from the Association for Library Service to Children. Recommend for ages 3-5This story is about two boys who end up being friends and communicate using few words. A shy boy is suddenly surprised, when an outgoing boy who is different from him, stops him and says "Yo!" and is unsure if he's talking to him. Soon, he shares with this stranger that he has no friends, but that stranger ends up offering his friendship to him. [...]

  • Minimalistic, but very cute! Two little boys strike a conversation through a handful of words. They're clearly not on the same page, when the story takes off, but their desire for a friend brings them together. So much is said in such few words. It's impressive. On the first reading my 3 1/2 year old was a little confused about what was going on (it's really an unconventional book, too), but the second time it really clicked for him. He even read it himself, with the correct intonations. I hadn' [...]

  • This story uses barely any text to describe a beautiful message. "Yo! Yes?" is very simple book about a two boys conversation between each other. One boy simply wanted to offer friendship to the other boy. This book is a 1994 Caldecot Honor Book, and I'm pretty sure that is because the message of the book is reaching out to people who don't necessarily look like you and offering to be friends anyway. Throughout the entirety of the book the two unnamed characters remained on opposite sides of the [...]

  • Two boys of different races have a short question and answer conversation throughout the book. The words alone may confuse the reader, but when read with emphasis on punctuation and paired with the illustrations a deeper understanding occurs. Although their interaction is only one or two words at a time, the pictures show how their friendship develops. Companionship and loneliness are very relatable topics for people of all ages. The pictures are bright, colorful, and inviting leading to Yo! Yes [...]

  • This might be my favorite book this week. This book shows a black boy and a white boy having a conversation in just a few words like "Yes" "You?" "No friends." etc and it shows that their differences are overcome with those simple words. If there are newcomers who are new to the country in your classroom and they speak little English like simple words like this white boy, still those words have so many meanings behind them that are enough to convey their messages. This book might help other stud [...]

  • 1994 Caldecott Honor - Favorite Illustration: When the outgoing boy says "Yes, me!" and the timid boy replies "You!" I love the way the friendly boy is standing there with his arms on his head. So typical of small kids.This is a fun, very simple book that tells a great story about the value of making new friends. I love kids and the way they will simply run up to another kid and ask if they want to play and be friends. Often, they don't even ask names, they're just content to play together. It u [...]

  • Yo! Yes? By Chris Raschka is a fun book about an African-American boy and a white boy meeting and their exchange by a couple words. The illustrations are very bright and colorful and show the development of their friendship. The stance of the boys is very repetitive but it shows a development of characters. They start on different ends of the page and end up next to each other by the end of the book.

  • Two boys navigate those first moments of a possible friendship: the "want to be my friend?" that's so hard to express. Raschka's illustrations capture the tension of the moment: one boy so outgoing and ready to take a risk, the other's body language showing his fear and self-doubt. This would make a good story for the beginning of the year in our school where one-third of our students are new each year.

  • This is a cute book about how a boy feels like he has no friends but then another boy tells him he is his friend. Would be good for a kindergarten or 1st grade class.

  • Two boys find friendship, despite their differences. This book emphasizes diversity, while punctuating inclusion. Pay special attention to reading with expression during read aloud. Students need to hear the difference between words being spoken as questions or exclamations.

  • Raschka is a genius at telling a story with few words. I had forgotten about this one for my friendship programs. 8/14Worked really well I with a preshool class today.

  • Yo! Yes? is a Caldecott Medal winner picture book for ages four to seven years old. Summary: The book tells of the meeting and new friendship created between a young African American boy and a young Caucasian boy. Evaluation: When I was young I didn't think deeply into to this book as I do now. Based on the language, its usually words repeated, one word dialogue and not anything too complicated. But, because of the meaning it can be used for students a little older. For me the book is so effecti [...]

  • Eric Carle is a crypto-fascist, brainwashing our children. How do I know this? Read the books; I'm not going to hold your hand while you learn what you must to survive the coming government crackdown. Suffice it to say I am in possession of certain knowledge that only a favored few are privileged to know. Look to The Hungry Caterpillar, The Very Lonely Firefly, and especially Pancakes, Pancakes, and you will behold the secret history of the 20th century, written in code. Who is behind the social [...]

  • Chris Raschka's "Yo! Yes?" is a fantastic illustrated depiction of a friendship forged between two children from different backgrounds. The two boys have quite different appearances (race, clothing, hairstyles, etc.), and yet they are able to become friends. While the illustrations are not incredibly detailed, they do appeal to a child's aesthetic and would allow any child to put themselves in the place of either of the characters. Children just learning to read will have complete access to the [...]

  • This story is told through a conversation perspective. The two young boys in this book, are having a conversation because one boy approached the other and said “Yo!”. The one boy asked why the other was sad, and he said because he had no friends. The two boys became friends at the end of the conversation and it is a very sweet book. The illustrations through out the story show the two boys expressions and body language which helps the readers interpret the text easier, since it is such a sho [...]

  • Summary:Two children of difference races meet on the street. At first, the children struggle to understand what the other is trying to say, but by the end of the book the two boys become friends. Evaluation:I gave this book four stars because I found it be a thought provoking book. Students are required to think about what the two kids are saying to each other based on punctuation used in the book and the back ground knowledge the students have. More specifically, I enjoyed how the two boys body [...]

  • This is a great picture book for the early childhood education. First, the illustration of this book is very simple. The text and pictures were tight together. The first thing caught my eye is that there are two characters and they were expressing what they trying to say by a simple word. This book will attract children's attention because there is no much font but the words and the characters were interesting by looking at their facial expressions. One of the important factor to help children t [...]

  • Summary: In this simple but powerful story, a boy who has no friends meets a boy on the street. In one or two word sentences the boys must decide if they want to be friends. In this award winning, illustrated book, two boys will show you how a few words can make a big difference. Evaluation: I gave this book five stars. The illustrations at first glance seem like the heart of the book but the large and simple text holds a powerful message, easy for new readers to decode. I would recommend this b [...]

  • Raschka, Chris. Yo! Yes? (1994). This is a story with minimal words that has an impactful meaning. It is a story of how two boys become friends. One boy noticed the other wasn’t looking very happy, so he decided to talk to him. The facial and body expressions shown add great effects to the characters. Even though the characters feelings aren’t written within the story one will be able to notice by looking at the illustrations. This is a great book to help children understand friendship, kind [...]

  • This children’s book is a super simple yet very complex book. The story is written with one word on each page and simple illustrations but it tells quite the story. One little boy says “yo” to another and eventually their conversation leads to a friendship. This is special because it teaches readers that if you just use a simple hello you can start something wonderful. Not only can this lesson be taught through the story, but also one of the characters is a child of color and one of them i [...]

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