Darknight Kidnapped by a rival witch clan Angela McAllister envisions a dark future for herself until she discovers her captor s brother is the unknown man who has haunted her dreams since she was a child Forc

  • Title: Darknight
  • Author: Christine Pope
  • ISBN: 9780692217504
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kidnapped by a rival witch clan, Angela McAllister envisions a dark future for herself until she discovers her captor s brother is the unknown man who has haunted her dreams since she was a child Forced to re evaluate everything she s ever known about the Wilcox witches, Angela begins to explore the powerful connection that binds her to Connor Wilcox, despite the generatiKidnapped by a rival witch clan, Angela McAllister envisions a dark future for herself until she discovers her captor s brother is the unknown man who has haunted her dreams since she was a child Forced to re evaluate everything she s ever known about the Wilcox witches, Angela begins to explore the powerful connection that binds her to Connor Wilcox, despite the generations of hostility between their families and the disapproval of those closest to her And when a dark, malignant force arises, Angela knows she must draw on her growing powers as prima to protect enemies and allies alike even if her choice threatens to tear her new and fragile love apart Darknight is the second book in the Witches of Cleopatra Hill, a paranormal romance trilogy set in the haunted town of Jerome, Arizona.

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    A native of Southern California, Christine Pope has been writing stories ever since she commandeered her family s Smith Corona typewriter back in the sixth grade Many reams of dead trees later, she s happy to announce that her debut novel, Fringe Benefits,was published by Pink Petal Books on April 8, 2010 Her short fiction has appeared in Astonishing Adventures, Luna Station Quarterly, and the new journal of dark fiction, Dark Valentine Her paranormal novella, Playing With Fire, was released on August 5, 2010.While Fringe Benefits is a straight contemporary romance, she writes in a variety of genres, including paranormal romance, fantasy, horror, science fiction, and historical romance She blames this on being easily distracted by bright, shiny objects, which could also account for the size of her shoe collection.After spending many years in the magazine publishing industry, she now works as a freelance editor in addition to writing fiction She lives with her husband and an explosively fluffy Pomeranian mix Her house is pink, but don t hold that against her.


  • ***2.5***This book actually bugged the crap out of me in a lot of ways. Which is disappointing, because I liked the first book a lot.Firstly, aren't these people adults? They were in the first book. Angela was a sheltered adult, but she was still an adult. In this book she - and Connor - both had the emotional maturity of the cast of Twilight. There's a certain level of naivety that's okay in a romance, but they have to not feel like they have the emotional experience of a 15 year old. Angela wa [...]

  • WOW!!! I didn't expect that ending. I won't ruin it for you with spoilers but I just finished the book and I, truly, didn't expect that to happen. As soon as I am done with this review, I will be reading the next book, Darkmoon.The book, Darknight, starts straight from the previous book, Darkangel, left off. So, you need to read the first to know what is going on, there is no, long boring, rehash here.The main character, Angela, has grown into a beautifully shaped protagonist, in that you feel l [...]

  • So Angela was kidnapped by the Wilcox clan originally to be bound to their jerk leader Damon but ends up bound to his brother Connor. Who just so happens to be the guy Chris that she met a few times and has a serious crush on, but turns out he was lying to and manipulating her that whole time.oh and he is her consort that she has been dreaming of and he didn't think any of the actions he took were really so bad. So Angela is being held prisoner in Connor's apartment and instead of doing everythi [...]

  • I couldn't do this. It reminded me too much of Twilight for some reason and it is not REALLY a series about magic?? and the first 25% of the book is eat, wait, eat, wait, eat, wait, drink, SEX, then eat, sex, drink, sex, eat, sleep, sex, sex, sexbleh. what a waste of potential.

  • The romance escalated WAY too fast Whatever happened to whole thing about consummated the relationship in her territory?? She figuratively screwed her clan because she literally wanted to be screwed. Just not a fan of the MC or the love interest. Both are dull.

  • I seriously tried to get through this story, I made it halfway and that was over a two month timeframe because I kept putting it off. I honestly am not sure why I even bothered to BUY this story after reading the first boring one. They're magical people, yet have no real magic. Nothing was ever really going on and blah, blah, blahQuestions/Comments:Why did I actually buy the second book in this series? I mean I wasn't really a fan of the first one. Must have been having a major brain fart or som [...]

  • AWFUL, AWFUL,AWFUL BOOK! The thought of young women reading this tripe leaves me in despair.but not as much as reading some reviews that LOVES it?!?! Really??? The heroine is kidnapped and threatened with rape, yet instead of fighting with everything she has to get away she shrugs and plays mummies and daddies with Brother Douche?! Get in touch with the police you pathetic excuse for a woman!!!!!!It makes me weep that my fellow women swoon over crap like this still.haven't we got passed this yet [...]

  • This book was just ok, nothing great nothing horrible either. It just felt like a whole lotta of nothing happening, even the big "fight" was over and done with in a blink of an eye. The whole book seemed more of talking about feelings and inner dialogue than any action or plot.I am unsure at this point if I will read the next book in this series.

  • Really 4.5 stars. "Darknight" is book two of "The Witches of Cleopatra Hill." If you want to read "Darknight," you will also need the other two books in the series, "Darkangel," (Book 1) and "Darkmoon," (Book 3), and you should read them all because together, they make one pretty darned good novel. Right now, you can get them all in one Kindle bundle for free. I read 3/4 of the first book, "Darkangel," without even putting it down. Then a few days later I did the same thing with this book, "Dark [...]

  • For those with the pet peeve: This book ends on a huge cliff-hanger. Luckily, I'm reading the omnibus that has the first three books in the series, or this would have annoyed me. I like the consort better now (I was rather annoyed with him in the first book), mainly due to having a better understanding of his family dynamic. Eventually, the two are going to have to figure out mundane logistics, like where they're going to live. So of course they keep putting off the conversation, still walking o [...]

  • Did not finish around chapter seven. The promise of book one was lost here. Angela got abuducted at the end of the last one and since she refused (for like two-three chapters) to have sex with Connor Wilcox (how the prima-consort bond is forged) and rather than try to escape like there's no tomorrow, what does she do? She basically plays house with the guy. Cooking meals and talking. Are you kidding me?I don't care how nice the apartment is, how hot the guy is and how he's treating you more or l [...]

  • Great job at writing the second book in this series. Once I started reading, it was difficult to put down. Christine Pope has a gift for creating cliff-hangers into her next book of the series. I want to point out that the first book would have been interesting from the Young Adult and older, but in getting to the second, Darknight, it has hit an R rating with explicit sexual content. Although these parts are well written and not to the point of eroticism, readers should definitely be in the adu [...]

  • A great story of modern day witches and warlocks, their clans and territories. A modern paranormal love story of a Angie McAllister and Conner Wilcox, a longstanding feud between their families and a curse that must be broken. But first of all, how do Angie and Conner get their families to accept one another.

  • She did it again to me. Nothing really happens until the end. And then it just ends. I really didn’t feel the “love” between Conner and her. Even the sex seemed blasé. She has something in her writing that makes me interested in the nothing, but I just can’t see continuing with this series. I tried. I really wanted to like it. ☹️

  • Like the first book, this one is very low key. Not a lot of action or drama, really. And like book #1, most of the action is regulated to the last 1-2 chapters. I will be reading #3 so I can complete the story, but I'm not especially excited about it. I am hoping the other books of the series, which are standalone (not trilogies) will be better - more action, tighter plot, etc.

  • MehI read Book 1 and curiosity got the best of me. Bought Book 2 and man was I disappointed! I was bored stiff by the 50% mark, but again curiosity got the best of me. The excerpt from Book 3 is good so I'll definitely be reading it. ITip: If this series interests you, read it, but just know that Book 2 sucks. Wish me luck!!

  • Bewitching Bewitching tale of Romeo and Juliet standards in modern times with a paranormal twistA love interest a foe in family clothes the busibody family member a werewolf and a ghost thrown onto the mix a page turner for sure

  • TeaserFirst book in the series left you hanging and this book does the same. Possibly the next book will actually have an end but I will not be reading it, I really dislike the dishonesty of books that leave you hanging.

  • Though this one was slow most of the way through, I enjoy the characters enough to want to follow their lives. The ending moved quickly and was surprising.

  • Captivating readI really enjoyed this story. It was easy to get wrapped up in Angela & Connor's lives. The story pulled me in.

  • LovedThis is one of the best book series I've read in a long time I can't wait to read the rest of the series

  • Angela McAllister has been kidnapped by Wilcox clan, a coven of witches who are known for using dark magic and want her because the primus or leader of their clan wants her to be his consort so that she can break a 140 year old curse. Their ancestor, Jeremiah Wilcox, was said to have stolen a Navajo woman who had powerful magic and forced her to be his consort. She gave him a son but for some reason, she died. Before she died, she cursed Jeremiah, saying that all of the primus’ wives will die [...]

  • I read and reviewed this book as part of The Witches of Cleopatra Hill, Books 1-3: Darkangel, Darknight, & Darkmoon box set, which I received free from the author in exchange for my honest review.Simply fantastic. My immediate reaction was 'WOW' (in the best way possible). I originally got into the Witches of Cleopatra Hill series when I read Impractical Magic. I thought that book was excellent, but I think this trio blew it out of the water. The story was well written and kept me 100% engag [...]

  • Review to come!Update 6/26/14:Darknight is a wonderful, exciting sequel in the Witches of Cleopatra Hill series, and is not to be missed! This novel picks up right where Darkangel left off, Angela has been kidnapped by the Wilcoxes, and she has finally found her consort, Connor Wilcox. Obviously, this is bound to cause some problems, and with Connor and Angela fighting their predestined love for each other, trouble is going to ensue. One of my favorite parts of this novel was getting to know Con [...]

  • It's Complicated and We Like it That Way Christine Pope’s new novel (the second in her Witches of Cleopatra Hill trilogy) takes up one page after Darkangel left off. Angela McAllister, newly minted prima of the McAllister witch clan is in the hands of a rival clan, and the only thing she knows for certain is that the consort she’s bonded with is the brother of her clan’s fiercest enemy.It’s complicated.For Angela, biology is destiny and she and Connor Wilcox are fated to be together desp [...]

  • WARNING: Sexual content, Mature Readers (17+)Reward--patience pays off! "Darknight" by Christine Pope lived up to being a paranormal romance complete with action.I enjoyed the second installment of The Witches of Cleopatra Hill series. Pope interrupted Angela McAllister's picture-perfect world with a kidnapping and a reveal of the man of her dreams.Once again, Pope delivers a well-written tale with an interesting plot. The characters are well-developed especially the antagonist. Readers are rewa [...]

  • This book continues right where the 1st one leaves off. Angela is on Wilcox territory and she has no idea what is in store for her there. All she knows is that she has found her consort with a Wilcox, but not the one who kidnapped her, but his younger brother Connor. She tried to fight the pull that her consort bond has towards Connor but she is worried of how long she will be able to win that fight.Their struggle with the bond ends when Angela and Connor give in and find that their connection r [...]

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